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Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids Video

Repotting and Splitting Cymbidium Orchids

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Passionate home gardener who has a keen interest in Orchids, flowers and propagating plants for the garden.


  1. moonrock1962 says:

    Thanks. I just water these straight after and once a month during cooller weather and once each fortnight in warmer weather…

  2. erw5301 says:

    Nice video…great jazz. One question: What about watering? Right after spitting and re-potting and then for maintaining. Thanks!!

  3. moonrock1962 says:

    @divine0rchid Glad you found it useful. Not sure what red mulch is but it is more about the characteristic of the media ie it needs to be loose and well drained and preferably organic. If you use scoria or other materials would probably have to up addition of nutrients. I hope to do a second part to this video towards spring showing end result of the splitting…and additional splitting needed.

  4. divine0rchid says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video.
    I was wondering if I could use red mulch as their potting medium

  5. wingkat says:

    It is Halloween in Virginia; I still haven’t brought the cymbidiums in, and have found that the best time to repot is in Spring after flowering. I counted seven pseudobulbs on the most gorgeous one, and eighteen on the one that had five bloom spikes last year. It’s hard to make room for this monster and wrangle it upstairs to the tub. I was hoping to reduce the plant mass and have plants to give away, but better wait til Spring now! Thank you for the valuable information, and enjoy your plants!

  6. moonrock1962 says:

    Hi Wingkat. I’m glad you found the vid useful. Actually all the plants in this clip have grown on well and flowered wonderfully. I hope to do a follow up clip in near future showing how they all finished up. As for minimum pseudobulbs, my experience has been 4 for flowering and less than that slow growth and delayed flowering results. I’d go the larger number to be on the safe side..or practice with one of your least favourite plants ;-)

  7. wingkat says:

    Moonrock, thanks for the clear view of cymbiidium repotting. Nice jazz, too! Have you found a number, like three pseudobulbs, that are the least division to get blooms? Or is that the least number for a successful new plant, and I should make it four or five to get blooms?

  8. FuturisticXXL says:

    over here in england im having no luck in finding ANY cymbidiums… apparantly the orders from the Dutch Orchid Auction stop because they import them during christmas and early spring….. so i take it cymbidiums wont be on sale during the summer months??? its a disappointment because they are magnificant orchids!!

  9. moonrock1962 says:

    Yes-all these pots of orchids were from 6 original plants that my wife bought from a garage sale about 4 years ago. They were pretty big plants then and fairly crowded but needed some tidying up. Could actually get a lot more splits from these in the video but I want to ensure I get flowers from them in coming months.

  10. FuturisticXXL says:

    interesting video – are most of those orchids from progagation?

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